Placeholder Select

A configurable, generic and lightweight solution for inserting placeholder tokens into the editor via a combo box (select box) dropdown located in the toolbar.

This plugin was inspired by the strinsert and placeholders plugin.  This was a commonly requested plugin on StackOverflow.  It doesn't have any hard dependencies other than the combobox plugin.

By default it will use the placeholder plugins token format (with square brackets, For example [[myplaceholder]]). This enables it to support the placeholders plugin out of thebox.  However to achieve maximum flexibility any custom format can be specified through your config.js file. Thus is could for example support {{my-token}} or @@some-token@@.

Placeholders are defined as an array of strings from your config.js.  If you wish to dynamically set the tokens, you can just use jQuery/JavaScript to get them from somewhere and set them in your config.js. 


See the screenshots for a configuration demo. It's easy!

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