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PBCKCode helps you to write code blocks to your articles in an easy way. It adds the ACE Code Editor to improves the behaviour of a textarea element. It creates a pre tag into your ckeditor so that you can include your prefered syntax highlighter.

PBCKCode works with more than 40 languages and is fully compatible with several syntax highlighters like Google Code Prettify or SyntaxHighlighter.

Writing code into your articles has never be so easy !

Documentation :

The plugin is released under the Apache 2 license.

From the v1.2.1, ACE Editor is now loaded from the [jsDelivr CDN]( The loading will be faster and the plugin size will be smaller.

Complete changelog :



537,942 downloads (view stats)


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.24 4.23 4.22

Version: 1.2.5

DownloadRelease notes

This new version is compatible with CKEditor 4.6.1.

Be careful, the zip file contains the source (in src) and the examples (in docs). You only need the src folder to make the plugin works.

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