"nanospell" Spell Check for CKEditor

CKEditor SpellCheck from nanospell.com is an independent spellchecker plug-in for the popular CKEditor web HTML editor.  The spell checker is unique in that it is easy to install on any modern web hosting, does not display advertising pop-ups, and is secure in that it never sends your data 'off-site' for remote processing.  

Security of data within a spellchecker is a major concern for any business or individual who want to have their confidential information kept safe. The SpellCheck plug-in  for CKEditor from NanoSpell is different, all spellchecking is performed on your own server - behind your own firewall.  The security advantages are clear for any enterprise with a secure intranet, extranet or admin login area on their website.

Nanospell's spell-checking technology is almost platform independent.  It installs on Linux, 'OS X', UNIX, Windows and BSD operating systems.  It can also support any of the following web servers:  Apache, NginX, TomCat, WebSpehere, and Microsoft Windows IIS.  The back en language it support included PHP, ASP (Active Server Pages VBScript), ASP.Net (C#, VB.Net and more) and Java.  CKEditor spell-check also fully supports MVC including PHP frameworks and the Microsoft .Net MVC framework versions 1-5.  To install you just upload, run getstarted.html and go.  

NanoSpell is also broadly compatible - and supports all the browser s with CKEditor 4 support - including: Internet Explorer (IE 8,IE 9,IE 9 Quirks Mode ,IE10 & IE 11), Opera, WebKit, OS X and iOS Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox! Full server and browser compatibility is list at http://ckeditor-spellcheck.nanospell.com/how-to-install#compatibility for your reference.

In addition 'CKEditor Spell Check' also provides 24 international dictionaries for your use for free.
International dictionaries include:  Afrikaans,Brazilian Portuguese,Catalan,Danish,Dutch (Nederlands),Frisian,French,Gaelic,German,Indonesian,Italian,Norwegian,Malaysian,Portuguese (Portugal),Spanish and Swedish ! You can also choose from many types on English including American English, International English,  British, Canadian , Australian , Medical , Legal and Scientific dictionaries.  Al full list of Ckeditor Dictionary downloads is available online at http://ckeditor-spellcheck.nanospell.com/ckeditor-spellchecking-dictionaries .   The developer may also create their own custom dictionary files, or just add a few proprietary / custom words to the vocabulary using simple plain text files.

API Options also include the ability for you as the developer to control dictionary language, server technology and how to interpret UPPER CASE  and Alph4Numer1c words.

As a developer you probably want to see an example of CKEditor SpellChecker for yourself - so why not try a free online demo with source-code at http://ckeditor-spellcheck.nanospell.com/#try .  



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