Plugin for easy inserting and editing Lightbox gallery. It works similarly to the Link plugin.



  1. Download source files and place them into CKeditor's plugins folder. 
  2. Define plugin in CKEDITOR config object.
    CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins = 'lightbox';
  3. Define extraAllowedContent option
    CKEDITOR.config.extraAllowedContent = 'a[data-lightbox,data-title,data-lightbox-saved]';
  4. Add lightbox button to your editor toolbar anywhere you like.
    CKEDITOR.config.toolbar = [
  5. Set your CKEDITOR language to 'en' or 'pl' if you did not set it yet.
    CKEDITOR.config.language = 'en';
  6. Download and install the latest version of Lightbox2 on your website (not administration panel)
  7. Clear your web browser cache
  8. Done.
  9. Rate or add comment if you enjoy.

Only en and pl languages are available.



49,819 downloads (view stats)


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.24 4.23 4.22

Version: 2.1

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