Dropdown Details

Dropdown Details is a plugin to enable the creation and editing of HTML5 details elements in CKEditor.

If you've tried to work with a Details element in CKEditor, you know that there's a bunch of problems that need to be solved: you have to make the polyfill work for non-webkit browsers, in webkit you have to prevent the native behavior so you're able to correctly edit the legend, as it's a non-standard element with regards to CKEditor, you have to add it to the ACF system, enable a way to insert them, etc...

With Dropdown Details all these problems are solved so you don't have to spend your time with those issues and you can focus on more productive things.

Please, test our demo to see how easy is to use it and how you can add, edit, move around, delete and even nest one details element inside another one.

Don't be missguided by the screenshots below. This page at ckeditor.com seems to have problems at the moment and it doesn't allow to properly add and edit the screenshots


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