Since google map now require to pay for API key, I was decide to change all my maps to something else.

End now, we have OpenStreet map. For this I was use MapQuest library...

Please check " " for more.

Yes and OpernStreet require API key, buy it's free of charge.

So, please go to "

and GRAB your free API key.

You need just first time to add this key, will be saved for future time.

About Plugin, in short...

1: you need your API key . grab it.

2: you can put one or two marker on the map

3: you must to know lattitude and longitude of marker places, you have for taht purpose link to click on top of plugin window.

4:select type of marker, there is several.. try it..

5: select type of map, try, and select what you need.

6: select zoom... (this works perfect with one marker, with two you will got best fit in window.

7: Choose window size...

press OK.

That is..


1:Unzip to "CKEditor.plugins/"

2:In config.js add OpenStreet on line

 config.extraPlugins = "OpenStreet";

That is.. save, reload, try :)

If you have and other plugins in this line than add OpenStreet as

 config.extraPlugins = "inlinesave,zsmanager,OpenStreet";

or in similar order..




4,403 downloads (view stats)


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.24 4.23 4.22

Version: 1.1

DownloadRelease notes

Nothing special required, but please..

I did not have time to test this plugin in all situation..

So, if you have a problem please tell me.

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