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New Export to Word converter v1.7.3 released

New Export to Word converter v1.7.3 released

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the HTML to MS Word converter that powers the Export to Word feature. The v1.7.3 converter version brings better support for content pagination and important bug fixes.

# New features

# Better support for content pagination

The latest release of the HTML to Word converter comes with better support for content pagination inside table cells. Previously, these resulted in failed document conversion. With the new release, it is now possible to split a table between two separate pages by placing proper HTML attributes into a table row, or a table cell. See the code below to learn how to handle it:

<!-- Split table by page break on a table cell -->
  <td style="page-break-before:always;" data-pagination-page="2">table cell page break</td>

<!-- or by a table row -->
<tr style="page-break-before:always;" data-pagination-page="3">
  <td>table row page break</td>

# Other changes

We have improved error messages returned by the document conversion providing a better debugging experience to integrators in case the conversion failed. This change should let you understand why the HTML couldn’t have been properly processed. For example, you will see information that the image lacked the required src attribute.

Also, selected dependencies have been updated to the latest versions, improving the converter’s overall performance, stability and security.

# Bug fixes

Apart from new improvements, we introduced an important bug fix that makes HTML to Word conversion less restricted to the structure of the document image and table elements.

Fixed conversion fails if figcaption was placed under figure with a class attribute that lacks image or table class name. After the fix, the conversion is successful and the figcaption is placed in the Word document.

Fixed conversion fails if figcaption was placed inside a table figure element. After the fix, table figcaption elements are ignored, no longer causing the conversion to fail.

You can read more about this release in the On-Premises changelog.

You can read more about the HTML to Word converter and its practical applications in a dedicated blog post.

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