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Michael Janea


User's addons

  • Bootstrap Carousel

    A slideshow component for cycling through elements, like a carousel. Nested carousels are not supported.

  • Bootstrap Buttons

    Use Bootstrap’s custom button styles for actions in forms, dialogs, and more with support for multiple sizes, states, and more.

  • Bootstrap Breadcrumbs

    Indicate the current page’s location within a navigational hierarchy.

    • Compatible with Bootstrap 4


  • Bootstrap List Group

    List groups are a flexible and powerful component for displaying not only simple lists of elements but complex ones with custom content.

  • Bootstrap Panel

    While not always necessary, sometimes you need to put your DOM in a box. For those situations, try the panel component.

  • Boostrap Collapse

    A flexible plugin that utilizes a handful of classes for easy toggle behavior.

  • Bootstrap Tab

    Add quick, dynamic tab functionality to transition through panes of local content.

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