New Features:

Fixed Issues:

  • #554: Fixed: change event not fired when typing the first character after pasting into the editor. Thanks to Daniel Miller!
  • #566: Fixed: The CSS border shorthand property with zero width (border: 0px solid #000;) causes the table to have the border attribute set to 1.
  • #779: Fixed: The Remove Format plugin removes elements with language definition inserted by the Languageplugin.
  • #423: Fixed: The Paste from Word plugin pastes paragraphs into the editor even if CKEDITOR.config.enterModeis set to CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR.
  • #719: Fixed: Image inserted using the Enhanced Image plugin can be resized when the editor is in read-only mode.
  • #577: Fixed: The "Delete Columns" command provided by the Table Tools plugin throws an error when trying to delete columns.
  • #867: Fixed: Typing into a selected table throws an error.
  • #817: Fixed: The Save plugin does not work in Source Mode.

Other Changes:

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