Fixed Issues:

  • #13887: Fixed: Link plugin alters the target attribute value. Thanks to SamZiemer!
  • #12189: Fixed: The Link plugin dialog does not display the subject of email links if the subject parameter is not lowercase.
  • #9192: Fixed: An undefined string is appended to an email address added with the Link plugin if subject and email body are empty and config.emailProtection is set to encode.
  • #13790: Fixed: It is not possible to destroy the editor <iframe> after the editor was detached from DOM. Thanks to Stefan Rijnhart!
  • #13803: Fixed: The editor cannot be destroyed before being fully initialized. Thanks to Cyril Fluck!
  • #13867: Fixed: CKEditor does not work when the classList polyfill is used.
  • #13885: Fixed: Enhanced Image requires the Link plugin to link an image.
  • #13883: Fixed: Copying a table using the context menu strips off styles.
  • #13872: Fixed: Cutting is possible in the read-only mode.
  • #12848: [Blink] Fixed: Opening the Find and Replace dialog window in the read-only mode throws an exception.
  • #13879: Fixed: It is not possible to prevent the editor.drop event.
  • #13361: Fixed: Skin images fail when the site path includes parentheses because the background-image path needs single quotes around the URL value.
  • #13771: Fixed: The contents.css style is not used if the IFrame Editing Area plugin is missing.
  • #13782: Fixed: Unclear log messages.
  • #13919: [Edge] Fixed: Browser window crashes when accessing the isContentEditable property of an <input>DOM element.

Other Changes:

  • #13859: Test cases created with will also receive editor bot as a second parameter.
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