New Features:

Other Changes:

  • Updated SCAYT (Spell Check As You Type):
    • New features:
    • Fixed issues:
      • #98: SCAYT affects dialog double-click. Fixed in SCAYT core.
      • #102: SCAYT core performance enhancements.
      • #104: SCAYT's spans leak into the clipboard and after pasting.
      • #105: A JavaScript error fired in case of multiple instances of CKEditor on one page.
      • #107: SCAYT should not check non-editable parts of content.
      • #108: Latest SCAYT copies the ID of the editor element to the iframe.
      • SCAYT stops working when CKEditor Undo plugin not enabled.
      • Issue with pasting SCAYT markup in CKEditor.
      • SCAYT stops working after pressing the Cancel button in the WSC dialog.


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