Fixed Issues:

  • #9314: Fixed: Incorrect error message on closing a dialog window without saving changs.
  • #10308: [IE10] Fixed: Unspecified error when deleting a row.
  • #10945: [Chrome] Fixed: Clicking with a mouse inside the editor does not show the caret.
  • #10912: Prevent default action when content of a non-editable link is clicked.
  • #10913: Fixed CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal not handling paths including file name specified.
  • #10666: Fixed not working cross frame.
  • #10910: [IE9] Fixed JavaScript error thrown in Compatibility Mode when clicking and/or typing in the editing area.
  • #10868: [IE8] Prevent the browser from crashing when applying the Inline Quotation style.
  • #10915: Fixed: Invalid CSS filter in the Kama skin.
  • #10914: Plugins Indent List and Indent Block are now included in the build configuration.
  • #10812: Fixed range#createBookmark2 incorrectly normalizing offsets. This bug was causing many issues: #10850#10842.
  • #10951: Reviewed and optimized focus handling on panels (combo, menu buttons, color buttons, and context menu) to enhance accessibility. Fixed #10705#10706 and #10707.
  • #10704: Fixed a JAWS issue with the Select Color dialog window title not being announced.
  • #10753: The floating toolbar in inline instances now has a dedicated accessibility label.
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