New Features:

  • #9829: Advanced Content Filter - data and features activation based on editor configuration.

    Brand new data filtering system that works in 2 modes:

    • Based on loaded features (toolbar items, plugins) - the data will be filtered according to what the editor in its current configuration can handle.
    • Based on config.allowedContent rules - the data will be filtered and the editor features (toolbar items, commands, keystrokes) will be enabled if they are allowed.

    See the datafiltering.html sample, guides and CKEDITOR.filter API documentation.

  • #9387: Reintroduced Shared Spaces - the ability to display toolbar and bottom editor space in selected locations and to share them by different editor instances.

  • #9907: Added the contentPreview event for preview data manipulation.

  • #9713: Introduced the Source Dialog plugin that brings raw HTML editing for inline editor instances.

  • Included in #9829: Introduced new events, toHtml and toDataFormat, allowing for better integration with data processing.

  • #9981: Added ability to filter htmlParser.fragment, htmlParser.element etc. by many htmlParser.filters before writing structure to an HTML string.

  • Included in #10103:

  • #9796: Introduced <s> as a default tag for strikethrough, which replaces obsolete <strike> in HTML5.

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