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Adding an ID to the a href - w addRichCombo
Hello, I'm using editor.ui.addRichCombo to create a custom plug-in.

editor.ui.addRichCombo( 'mycustomplugin',
label : '',
title : 'Select text and click',
className : 'cke_dropdown_myplug',
panel :
css : config.contentsCss ),
multiSelect : false,
attributes : { 'aria-label' : lang.panelTitle }

The plugin outputs on the front end:
<a onclick=", this); return false;" onkeydown=" 27, event, this );" onblur=" =;" onkeypress="return false;" aria-haspopup="true" aria-describedby="cke_32_text" aria-labelledby="cke_32_label" role="button" tabindex="-1" title="Select text and click" hidefocus="true">...............

I would like to know how to add an ID="whatIsetintheplugin.js" to the a href above. The reason for this is I would like the plugin Dropdown to autoopen on mouse hover and not require a click.

Or perhaps there is a setting to have the dropdown auto open on mouseover versus requiring a click?