New features:

  • #7044 : New BBCode sample plugin that makes the editor output (one dialect of) BBCode format.
  • #5647 : Accessibility enhancements to the structure of the toolbar.
  • #5647 : The Kama skin now presents separators for the toolbar items, making it easier to group buttons and have a cleaner layout.
  • #5647 : Usability enhancements to keyboard navigation on the toolbar. The Tab key is now used to jump between toolbar groups, while the Arrow keys can be used to cycle within the group. The new toolbarGroupCycling setting can be used to change the Arrow keys behavior.
  • #1376 : It is now possible to put the editor in the "read-only" state, so that the users would not be able to introduce changes to the contents. Check out the new CKEDITOR.editor::setReadOnly method, the CKEDITOR.editor::readOnly property, the CKEDITOR.editor::readOnly event, and the readOnly setting.
  • #3582 : New presentation of anchor elements in the WYSIWYG mode.
  • #6737 : The Format drop-down list will now display the preview of its contents exactly as defined in their style configurations.
  • #6654 : A new autoParagraph configuration setting is added to disable the auto paragraphing feature.
  • #901 : New Stylesheet Parser (stylesheetparser) plugin that fills the Styles drop-down list based on the CSS classes available for the content. Check the new sample to learn how to use it.
  • #2988 : New Document Properties (docprops) plugin that sets the metadata of the page in the Full Page mode.
  • #7240 : New Developer Tools (devtools) plugin that shows information about dialog window UI elements to allow for easier customization.
  • #6841 : Pressing the Enter key at the end of a pre-formatted block will now exit from it.
  • #6850 : The About CKEditor dialog window now contains a link to CKEditor User's Guide.
  • #5745 : Extra configuration options for the iframeDialog can now be passed.
  • #6589 : The onDialogEvent function will now be used automatically in the iframeDialog contents if no callback is used on creation.
  • #7757 : Georgian localization added.

Fixed issues:

  • #6774 : Internal styles are not included in the contents.css sample.
  • #6521 : Added sample for the TableResize plugin.
  • #6664 : Page break is sometimes merged into block-level elements.
  • #7594 : Toolbar keyboard navigation is not possible after recreating the editor.
  • #6657 : Allow to style the entire dialog window field when the input element is disabled.
  • Updated the following language files:
    • Hebrew;
    • Polish;
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