Fixed issues:

  • Added protection against XSS attacks in PHP samples when displaying element names.
  • #7347 : The Enter key will no longer be caught by the dialog window covering the editor.
  • #6718 : Paste from Word command overrides the Force Paste as Plain Text configuration.
  • #6629 : Padding body is no longer needed when the last block is pre-formatted.
  • #4844 : [IE] Dialog windows fail to load if there are too many editor instances on the page.
  • #5788 : HTML parser trims empty spaces following <br> elements.
  • #7513 : Invalid markup could cause the editor to hang.
  • #6109 : Paste and Paste as Plain Text dialog windows now use the standard commitContent and setupContent methods.
  • #7588 : The editor code now has a protection system to avoid issues when including ckeditor.js more than once in the page.
  • #7322 : Text font plugin now recognizes font family names that contain quotes.
  • #7540 : Paste from Word introduces wrong spaces.
  • #7697 : Successive calls of the replace() method did not work after SCAYT context menu initialization.
  • Updated the following language files:
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