New features:

  • #5909 : New BiDi feature, making it possible to switch the base language direction of block elements.
  • #5268 : Introducing the "tableresize" plugin, which makes it possible to resize tables columns by mouse drag. It's not enabled by default, so it must be enabled in the configurations file.
  • #979 : New enableTabKeyTools configuration to allow using the TAB key to navigate through table cells.
  • #4606 : Introduce the "autogrow" plugin, which makes the editor resize automatically, based on the contents size.
  • #5737 : Added support for the HTML5 contenteditable attribute, making it possible to define read only regions into the editor contents.
  • #5418 : New "Advanced" tab introduced on the Table Properties dialog. It's based on the new dialogadvtab plugin.
  • #6082 : Introduced the useComputedState setting, making it possible to control whether toolbar features, like alignment and direction, should reflect the "computed" selection states, even when the effective feature value is not applied.

Fixed issues:

  • #5911 : BiDi: List items should support and retain correct base language direction
  • #5689 : Make it possible to run CKEditor inside of Firefox chrome.
  • #6042 : It wasn't possible to align a paragraph with the dir attribute to the opposite direction.
  • #6058 : Fixed a small style glitch with file upload fields in IE+Quirks.
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