Fixed issues:

  • #5780 : Text selection lost when opening some of the dialogs.
  • #5787 : Liststyle plugin wasn't packaged into the core (CKEDITOR.resourceManager.load exception).
  • #5637 : Fix wrong nesting that generated "<head> must be a child of <html>" warning in Webkit.
  • #5790 : Internal only attributes output on fullpage <html> tag.
  • #5761 : [IE] Color dialog matrix buttons are barely clickable in quirks mode.
  • #5759 : [IE] Clicking on the scrollbar and then on the host page causes error.
  • #5772 : List style dialog is missing tab page ids.
  • #5782 : [FF] Wysiwyg mode is broken by 'display' style changes on editor's parent DOM tree.
  • #5801 : [IE] contentEditable="false" doesn't apply in effect on inline-elements.
  • #5794 : Empty find matching twice results in JavaScript error.
  • #5732 : If it isn't possible to connect to the SCAYT servers the dialogs might hang in Firefox. Fix for Firefox>=3.6.
  • #5807 : [FF2] New page command results in uneditable document.
  • #5807 : [FF2] SCAYT plugin is disabled in Firefox2 due to selection interference.
  • #5772 : [IE] Some numbered list style types are not supported by IE6/7 and causes JavaScript error.
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