New features:

  • Several accessibility enhancements:
    • #4502 : The editor accessibility is now totally based on WAI-ARIA.
    • #5015 : Adding accessibility help dialog plugin.
    • #5014 : Keyboard navigation compliance with screen reader suggested keys.
    • #4595 : Better accessibility in the Templates dialog.
    • #3389 : Esc/Arrow Key now works for closing sub menu.
  • #4973 : The Style field in the Div Container dialog is now loading the styles defined in the default styleset used by the Styles toolbar combo.

Fixed issues:

  • #5049 : Form Field list command in JAWS incorrectly lists extra fields.
  • #5008 : Lock/Unlock ratio buttons in the Image dialog was poorly designed in High Contrast mode.
  • #3980 : All labels in dialogs now use <label> instead of <div>.
  • #5213 : Reorganization of some entries in the language files to make it more consistent.
  • #5199 : In IE, single row toolbars didn't have the bottom padding.
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