Fixed Issues:

  • #10301: [IE9-10] Undo fails after 3+ consecutive paste actions with a JavaScript error.
  • #10689: Save toolbar button saves only the first editor instance.
  • #10368: Move language reading direction definition (dir) from main language file to core.
  • #9330: Fixed pasting anchors from MS Word.
  • #8103: Fixed pasting nested lists from MS Word.
  • #9958: [IE9] Pressing the "OK" button will trigger the onbeforeunload event in the popup dialog.
  • #10662: Fixed styles from the Styles drop-down list not registering to the ACF in case when the Shared Spaces plugin is used.
  • #9654: Problems with Internet Explorer 10 Quirks Mode.
  • #9816: Floating toolbar does not reposition vertically in several cases.
  • #10646: Removing a selected sublist or nested table with Backspace/Delete removes the parent element.
  • #10623: [WebKit] Page is scrolled when opening a drop-down list.
  • #10004: [ChromeVox] Button names are not announced.
  • #10731WebSpellChecker plugin breaks cloning of editor configuration.
  • It is now possible to set per instance WebSpellChecker plugin configuration instead of setting the configuration globally.
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