New Features:

  • Added new translation: Albanian.

Fixed Issues:

  • #10172: Pressing Delete or Backspace in an empty table cell moves the cursor to the next/previous cell.
  • #10219: Error thrown when destroying an editor instance in parallel with a mouseup event.
  • #10265: Wrong loop type in the File Browser plugin.
  • #10249: Wrong undo/redo states at start.
  • #10268: Show Blocks does not recover after switching to Source view.
  • #9995: HTML code in the <textarea> should not be modified by the htmlDataProcessor.
  • #10320: Justify plugin should add elements to Advanced Content Filter based on current Enter mode.
  • #10260: Fixed: Advanced Content Filter blocks tabSpaces. Unified data-cke-* attributes filtering.
  • #10315: [WebKit] Undo manager should not record snapshots after a filling character was added/removed.
  • #10291: [WebKit] Space after a filling character should be secured.
  • #10330: [WebKit] The filling character is not removed on keydown in specific cases.
  • #10285: Fixed: Styled text pasted from MS Word causes an infinite loop.
  • #10131: Fixed: undoManager.update() does not refresh the command state.
  • #10337: Fixed: Unable to remove <s> using Remove Format.
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