New Features and Improvements:

  • Introduced the Spell Check As You Type (SCAYT) spell checking option.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Security release, upgrade is highly recommended (fixed security issues in ASP and ColdFusion scripts).
  • [#2856] Fixed problem with inches in paste dialog.
  • [#3120] # (pound sign) is not correctly escaped in file urls.
  • [#2915] About plugin shows misleading user language.
  • [#2821] Configuration items that used floating point numbers were parsed as integers.
  • [#2064] The asp connector didn't work correctly in windows 2000 servers.
  • [#3429] Fixed problem in IE8 with XHTML doctype. Thanks to duncansimey.
  • [#3446] Fixed self-closed <option> in the table cell dialog.
  • [#3181] Node selection could raise an error in IE8.
  • [#2156] After calling GetData() the style removal operations didn't work in IE. Thanks to Compendium Blogware.
  • [#3427] Improved compatibility of Document properties dialog with Eclipse.
  • Language file updates for the following languages:
  • [#3439] IgnoreEmptyParagraphValue had no effect if ProcessHTMLEntities is false.
  • [#3880] Fixed some minor logical and typing mistakes in fckdomrange_ie.js.
  • [#2689] If a custom connector tried to use the "url" attribute for files it was always reencoded.
  • [#1537] Fixed extra <p> tag added before pasted contents from Paste From Word dialog.
  • [#2874] Fixed wrong position of caption tag in tables with table headers.
  • [#3818] Fixed layout error in text and background color popups when more colors button is disabled.
  • [#3481] Fixed an issue in WebKit where paste actions inside table cells may leak outside of the table cell.
  • [#3677] Fixed JavaScript error when trying to create link for images inside floating div containers.
  • [#3925] Removed obsolete parentWindow reference from FCKDialog.OpenDialog().
  • [#2936] Added protection in the PHP upload if the destination folder is placed at the root and doesn't exit.
  • [#4357] Avoid problem in the paste dialog if IIS is set to process HTML files as Asp.
  • [#2201] Fixed a crash in IE in an object is selected (with handles) on unload of the editor.
  • [#3053] Fixed problems with the height of the content area in Safari and Chrome.
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