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New Features and Improvements:

  • [#439] Added a new context menu option for opening links in the editor.
  • [#2220] Email links from the Link dialog are now encoded by default to prevent being harvested by spammers. (Kudos to asuter for proposing the patch)
  • [#2234] Added the ability to create, modify and remove DIV containers.
  • [#2247] The SHIFT+SPACE keystroke will now produce a   character.
  • [#2252] It's now possible to enable the browsers default menu using the configuration file (FCKConfig.BrowserContextMenu option).
  • [#2032] Added HTML samples for legacy HTML and Flash HTML.
  • [#234] Introduced the "PreventSubmitHandler" setting, which makes it possible to instruct the editor to not handle the hidden field update on form submit events.

Fixed Bugs:

  • [#2319] On Opera and Firefox 3, the entire page was scrolling on SHIFT+ENTER, or when EnterMode='br'.
  • [#2321] On Firefox 3, the entire page was scrolling when inserting block elements with the FCK.InsertElement function, used by the Table and Horizontal Rule buttons..
  • [#692] Added some hints in editor/css/fck_editorarea.css on how to handle style items that would break the style combo.
  • [#2263] Fixed a JavaScript error in IE which occurs when there are placeholder elements in the document and the user has pressed the Source button.
  • [#2314] Corrected mixed up Chinese translations for the blockquote command.
  • [#2323] Fixed the issue where the show blocks command loses the current selection from the view area when editing a long document.
  • [#2322] Fixed the issue where the fit window command loses the current selection and scroll position in the editing area.
  • [#1917] Fixed the issue where the merge down command for tables cells does not work in IE for more than two cells.
  • [#2320] Fixed the issue where the Find/Replace dialog scrolls the entire page.
  • [#1645] Added warning message about Firefox 3's strict origin policy.
  • [#2272] Improved the garbage filter in Paste from Word dialog.
  • [#2327] Fixed invalid HTML in the Paste dialog.
  • [#1907] Fixed sporadic "FCKeditorAPI is not defined" errors in Firefox 3.
  • [#2356] Fixed access denied error in IE7 when FCKeditor is launched from local filesystem.
  • [#1150] Fixed the type="_moz" attribute that sometimes appear in <br> tags in non-IE browsers.
  • [#1229] Converting multiple contiguous paragraphs to Formatted will now be merged into a single <PRE> block.
  • [#2363] There were some sporadic "Permission Denied" errors with IE on some situations.
  • [#2135] Fixed a data loss bug in IE when there are @import statements in the editor's CSS files, and IE's cache is set to "Check for newer versions on every visit".
  • [#2376] FCK.InsertHtml() will now insert to the last selected position after the user has selected things outside of FCKeditor, in IE.
  • [#2368] Fixed broken protect source logic for comments in IE.
  • [#2387] Fixed JavaScript error with list commands when the editable document is selected with Ctrl-A.
  • [#2390] Fixed the issue where indent styles in JavaScript-generated <p> blocks are erased in IE.
  • [#2394] Fixed JavaScript error with the "split vertically" command in IE when attempting to split cells in the last row of a table.
  • [#2316] The sample posted data page has now the table fixed at 100% width.
  • [#2396] SpellerPages was causing a "Permission Denied" error in some situations.
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