New Features and Improvements:

  • [#2043] The debug script is not any more part of the compressed files. If FCKeditor native debugging features (FCKDebug) are required, the _source folder must be present in your installation.

Fixed Bugs:

  • [#2248] Calling FCK.InsertHtml( 'nbsp;') was inserting a plain space instead of a non breaking space character.
  • [#2273] The dragresizetable plugin now works in Firefox 3 as well.
  • [#2254] Minor fix in FCKSelection for nodeTagName object.
  • [#1614] Unified FCKConfig.FullBasePath with FCKConfig.BasePath.
  • [#2127] Changed floating dialogs to use fixed positioning so that they are no longer affected by scrolling.
  • [#2018] Reversed the fix for #183 which broke FCKeditorAPI's cleanup logic. A new configuration directive MsWebBrowserControlCompat has been added for those who wish to force the #183 fix to be enabled.
  • [#2276] [#2279] On Opera and Firefox 3, the entire page was scrolling on ENTER.
  • [#2149] CSS urls with querystring parameters were not being accepted for CSS values in the configuration file (like EditorAreaCSS).
  • [#2287] On some specific cases, with Firefox 2, some extra spacing was appearing in the final HTML on posting, if inserting two successive tables.
  • [#2287] Block elements (like tables or horizontal rules) will be inserted correctly now when the cursor is at the start or the end of blocks. No extra paragraphs will be included in this operation.
  • [#2197] The TAB key will now have the default browser behavior if TabSpaces=0. It will move the focus out of the editor (expect on Safari).
  • [#2296] Fixed permission denied error on clicking on files in the file browser.
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