New Features and Improvements:

  • FCKeditor.Net 2.5 compatibility.
  • JavaScript integration file:
    • The new "FCKeditor.ReplaceAllTextareas" function is being introduced, making it possible to replace many (or unknown) <textarea> elements in a single call. The replacement can be also filtered by CSS class name, or by a custom function evaluator.
    • It is now possible to set the default BasePath for all editor instances by setting FCKeditor.BasePath. This is extremely useful when working with the ReplaceAllTextareas function.

Fixed Bugs:

  • [#339] [#681] The SpellerPages spell checker will now completely ignore the presence of HTML tags in the text.
  • [#1643] Resolved several "strict warning" messages in Firefox when running FCKeditor.
  • [#1603] Certain specific markup was making FCKeditor entering in a loop, blocking its execution.
  • [#1664] The ENTER key will not any more swap the order of the tags when hit at the end of paragraphs.
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