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New Features and Improvements:

  • [#118] The SelectAll command now is available in Source Mode.
  • The new open source FCKpackager sub-project is now available. It replaces the FCKeditor.Packager software to compact the editor source.
  • With Firefox, if a paste execution is blocked by the browser security settings, the new "Paste" popup is shown to the user to complete the pasting operation.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Various fixes to the ColdFusion File Browser connector.
  • We are now pointing the download of ieSpell to their pages, instead to a direct file download from one of their mirrors. This disables the ability of "click and go" (which can still be achieved by pointing the download to a file in your server), but removes any troubles with mirrors link changes (and they change it frequently).
  • The Word cleanup has been changed to remove "display:none" tags that may come from Word.
  • [SF BUG-1659613] The 2.4 version introduced a bug in the flash handling code that generated out of memory errors in IE7.
  • [SF BUG-1660456] The icons in context menus were draggable.
  • [SF BUG-1653009] If the server is configured to process html files as asp then it generated ASP error 0138.
  • [SF BUG-1288609] The content of iframes is now preserved.
  • [SF BUG-1245504] [SF BUG-1652240] Flash files without the .swf extension weren't recognized upon reload.
  • [SF PATCH-1649753] Node selection for text didn't work in IE. Thanks to yurik dot m.
  • [SF BUG-1573191] The Html code inserted with FCK.InsertHtml didn't have the same protection for special tags.
  • [#110] The OK button in dialogs had its width set as an inline style.
  • [#113] [#94] [SF BUG-1659270] ForcePasteAsPlainText didn't work in Firefox.
  • [#114] The correct entity is now used to fill empty blocks when ProcessHTMLEntities is disabled.
  • [#90] The editor was wrongly removing some <br> tags from the code.
  • [#139] The CTRL+F and CTRL+S keystroke default behaviors are now preserved.
  • [#138] We are not providing a CTRL + ALT combination in the default configuration file because it may be incompatible with some keyboard layouts. So, the CTRL + ALT + S combination has been changed to CTRL + SHIFT + S.
  • [#129] In IE, it was not possible to paste if "Allow paste operation via script" was disabled in the browser security settings.
  • [#112] The enter key now behaves correctly on lists with Firefox, when the EnterMode is set to 'br'.
  • [#152] Invalid self-closing tags are now being fixed before loading.
  • A few tags were being ignored to the check for required contents (not getting stripped out, as expected). Fixed.
  • [#202] The HR tag will not anymore break the contents loaded in the editor.
  • [#211] Some invalid inputs, like "<p>" where making the caret disappear in Firefox.
  • [#99] The <div> element is now considered a block container if EnterMode=p|br. It acts like a simple block only if EnterMode=div.
  • Hidden fields will now show up as an icon in IE, instead of a normal text field. They are also selectable and draggable, in all browsers.
  • [#213] Styles are now preserved when hitting enter at the end of a paragraph.
  • [#77] If ShiftEnterMode is set to a block tag (p or div), the desired block creation in now enforced, instead of copying the current block (which is still the behavior of the simple enter).
  • [#209] Links and images URLs will now be correctly preserved with Netscape 7.1.
  • [#165] The enter key now honors the EnterMode settings when outdenting a list item.
  • [#190] Toolbars may be wrongly positioned. Fixed.
  • [#254] The IgnoreEmptyParagraphValue setting is now correctly handled in Firefox.
  • [#248] The behavior of the backspace key has been fixed on some very specific cases.
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