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New Features and Improvements:
  • [SF BUG-1200328] The editor now offers a way to "protect" part of the source to remain untouched while editing or changing views. Just use the "FCKConfig.ProtectedSource" object to configure it and customize to your needs. It is based on regular expressions. See fckconfig.js for some samples.
  • The editor now offers native support for Lasso. Thanks and welcome to our new developer Jason Huck.
  • New language files are available:
    • Faraose (by Smin Lassaberg and Helgi Arnthorsson)
    • Malay (by Fairul Izham Mohd Mokhlas)
    • Mongolian (by Lkamtseren Odonbaatar)
    • Vietnamese (by Phan Binh Giang)
  • A new configurable ColdFusion connector is available. Thanks to Mark Woods. Many enhancements has been introduced with it.
  • The PHP connector for the default File Browser now sorts the folders and files names.
  • [SF BUG-1289372] [SF BUG-1282758] In the PHP connector it is now possible to set the absolute (server) path to the User Files directory, avoiding problems with Virtual Directories, Symbolic Links or Aliases. Take a look at the config.php file.
  • The ASP.Net uploader (for Quick Uploads) has been added to the package.
  • A new way to define simple "combo" toolbar items , like Style and Font, has been introduced. Thanks to Steve Lineberry. See sample06.html and the "simplecommands" plugin to fully understand it.
  • A new test case has been added that shows how to set the editor background dynamically without using a CSS.
  • [SF BUG-1155906] [SF BUG-1110116] [SF BUG-1216332] The "AutoDetectPasteFromWord" configuration option is back (IE only feature).
  • The new "OnAfterLinkedFieldUpdate" event has been introduced. If is fired when the editor updates its hidden associated field.
  • Attention: The color of the right border of the toolbar (left on RTL interfaces) has been moved from code to the CSS (TB_SideBorder class). Update your custom skins.
  • A sample "htaccess.txt" file has been added to the editor's package to show how to configure some Linux sites that could present problems on Firefox with "Illegal characters" errors. Respectively the "" chars.
  • With the JavaScript, ASP and PHP integration files, you can set the QueryString value "fcksource=true" to load the editor using the source files (located in the _source directory) instead of the compressed ones. Thanks to Kae Verens for the suggestion.
  • [SF Feature-1246623] The new configuration option "ForceStrongEm" has been introduced so you can force the editor to convert all <B> and <I> tags to <STRONG> and <EM> respectively.
  • A nice contribution has been done by Goss Interactive Ltd:
    • [SF BUG-1246949] Implemented ENTER key and BACKSPACE key handlers for Gecko so that P tags (or an appropriate block element) get inserted instead of BR tags when not in the UseBROnCarriageReturn config mode.
      The ENTER key handling has been written to function much the same as the ENTER key handling on IE : as soon as the ENTER key is pressed, existing content will be wrapped with a suitable block element (P tag) as appropriate and a new block element (P tag) will be started.
      The ENTER key handler also caters for pressing ENTER within empty list items - ENTER in an empty item at the top of a list will remove that list item and start a new P tag above the list; ENTER in an empty item at the bottom of a list will remove that list item and start a new P tag below the list; ENTER in an empty item in the middle of a list will remove that list item, split the list into two, and start a new P tag between the two lists.
    • Any tables that are found to be incorrectly nested within a block element (P tag) will be moved out of the block element when loaded into the editor. This is required for the new ENTER/BACKSPACE key handlers and it also avoids non-compliant HTML. 
    • The InsertOrderedList and InsertUnorderedList commands have been overridden on Gecko to ensure that block elements (P tags) are placed around a list item's content when it is moved out of the list due to clicking on the editor's list toolbar buttons (when not in the UseBROnCarriageReturn config mode).
Fixed Bugs:
  • [SF BUG-1253255] [SF BUG-1265520] Due to changes on version 2.0, the anchor list was not anymore visible in the link dialog window. It has been fixed.
  • [SF BUG-1242979] [SF BUG-1251354] [SF BUG-1256178] [SF BUG-1274841] [SF BUG-1303949] Due to a bug on Firefox, some keys stopped working on startup over Firefox. It has been fixed.
  • [SF BUG-1251373 ] The above fix also has corrected some strange behaviors on Firefox.
  • [SF BUG-1144258] [SF BUG-1092081] The File Browsers now run on the same server session used in the page where the editor is placed in (IE issue). Thanks to Simone Chiaretta.
  • [SF BUG-1305619 ] No more repeated login dialogs when running the editor with Windows Integrated Security with IIS.
  • [SF Patch-1245304] The Test Case 004 is now working correctly. It has been changed to set the editor hidden at startup.
  • [SF BUG-1290610 ] Over HTTPS, there were some warnings when loading the Images, Flash and Link dialogs. Fixed.
  • Due to Gecko bugs, two errors were thrown when loading the editor in a hidden div. Workarounds have been introduced. In any case, the testcase 004 hack is needed when showing the editor (as in a tabbed interface).
  • An invalid path in the dialogs CSS file has been corrected.
  • On IE, the Undo/Redo can now be controlled using the Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y shortcut keys.
  • [SF BUG-1295538 ] A few Undo/Redo fixes for IE have been done.
  • [SF BUG-1247070] On Gecko, it is now possible to use the shortcut keys for Bold (CTRL+B), Italic (CTRL+I) and Underline (CTRL+U), like in IE.
  • [SF BUG-1274303] The "Insert Column" command is now working correctly on TH cells. It also copies any attribute applied to the source cells.
  • [SF Patch-1287070 ] In the Universal Keyboard, the Arabic keystrokes translator is now working with Firefox. Thanks again to Abdul-Aziz Al-Oraij.
  • The editor now handles AJAX requests with HTTP status 304.
  • [SF BUG-1157780] [SF BUG-1229077] Weird comments are now handled correctly (ignored on some cases).
  • [SF BUG-1155774] A spelling error in the Bulleted List Properties dialog has been corrected.
  • [SF BUG-1272018] The ampersand character can now be added from the Special Chars dialog.
  • [SF BUG-1263161] A small fix has been applied to the sampleposteddata.php file. Thanks to Mike Wallace.
  • [SF BUG-1241504] The editor now looks also for the ID of the hidden linked field.
  • The caption property on tables is now working on Gecko. Thanks to Helen Somers (Goss Interactive Ltd).
  • [SF BUG-1297431] With IE, the editor now works locally when its files are placed in a directory path that contains spaces.
  • [SF BUG-1279551] [SF BUG-1242105] On IE, some features are dependant of ActiveX components (secure... distributed with IE itself). Some security setting could avoid the usage of those components and the editor would stop working. Now a message is shown, indicating the use the minimum necessary settings need by the editor to run.
  • [SF BUG-1298880] Firefox can't handle the STRONG and EM tags. Those tags are now converted to B and I so it works accordingly.
  • [SF BUG-1271723] On IE, it is now possible to select the text and work correctly in the contents of absolute positioned/dimensioned divs.
  • On IE, there is no need to click twice in the editor to activate the cursor in the editing area.
  • [SF BUG-1221621] Many "warnings" in the Firefox console are not thrown anymore.
  • [SF BUG-1295526] While editing on "FullPage" mode the basehref is now active for CSS "link" tags.
  • [SF Patch-1222584] A small fix to the PHP connector has been applied.
  • [SF Patch-1281313] A few small changes to avoid problems with Plone. Thanks to Jean-mat.
  • [SF BUG-1275911] A check for double dots sequences on directory names on creation has been introduced to the PHP and ASP connectors.
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