New Features and Improvements:

  • A new tab called "Link" is available in the Image Dialog window. In this way you can insert or modify the image link directly from that dialog.*
  • The new "Templates" command is now available. Now the user can select from a list of pre-build HTML and fill the editor with it. Take a look at the "_docs" for more info.**
  • The mcpuk's File Browser for PHP has been included in the package. He became the official developer of the File Manager for FCKeditor, so we can expect good news in the future.
  • New configuration options are available to hide tabs from the Image Dialog and Link Dialog windows: LinkDlgHideTarget, LinkDlgHideAdvanced, ImageDlgHideLink and ImageDlgHideAdvanced.
  • [SF BUG-1189442] [SF BUG-1187164] [SF BUG-1185905] It is now possible to configure the editor to not convert Greek or special Latin letters to ther specific HTML entities. You can also configure it to not convert any character at all. Take a look at the "ProcessHTMLEntities", "IncludeLatinEntities" and "IncludeGreekEntities" configuration options.
  • New language files are available:
    • Basque (by Ibon Igartua)
    • English (Australia / United Kingdom) (by Christopher Dawes)
    • Ukrainian (by Alexander Pervak)
  • The version and date information have been removed from the files headers to avoid unecessary diffs in source control systems when new versions are released (from now on).
  • [SF Patch-1159854] Ther HTML output rendered by the server side integration files are now XHTML compatible.
  • [SF BUG-1181823] It is now possible to set the desired DOCTYPE to use when edit HTML fragments (not in Full Page mode).
  • There is now an optional way to implement different "mouse over" effects to the buttons when they are "on" of "off".

Fixed Bugs:

* This version has been partially sponsored by the Hamilton College.
** This version has been partially sponsored by Infineon Technologies AG.

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