This is the first beta of the 2.x series. It brings a lot of new and important things. Beta versions will be released until all features available on version 1.x will be introduced in the 2.0.

Note: As it is a beta, it is not yet completely developed. Future versions can bring new features that can break backward compatibility with this version.
  • Gecko browsers (Mozilla and Netscape) support.
  • Quick startup response times.
  • Complete XHTML 1.0 support.
  • Advanced link dialog box:
    • Target selection.
    • Popup configurator.
    • E-Mail link.
    • Anchor selector.
  • New File Manager.
  • New dialog box system, with tabbed dialogs support.
  • New context menus with icons.
  • New toolbar with "expand/collapse" feature.
  • Skins support.
  • Right to left languages support.
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