• [SF Feature-913777] New Form Commands are now available! Special thanks to G.Meijer.
  • Print Command is now available!
  • [SF BUG-743546] The XHTML content duplication problem has been solved . Thanks to Paul Hutchison.
  • [SF BUG-875853] The image dialog box now gives precedence for width and height values set as styles. In this way a user can change the size of the image directly inside the editor and the changes will be reflected in the dialog box.
  • [SF Feature-788368] The sample file upload manager for ASPX now uses guids for the file name generation. In this way a support XML file is not needed anymore.
  • It's possible now to programmatically change the Base Path of the editor if it's installed in a directory different of "/FCKeditor/". Something like this:
    oFCKeditor.BasePath = '/FCKeditor/' ;
    Take a look at the _test directory for samples.
  • There was a little bug in the TAB feature that moved the insertion point if there were any object (images, tables) in the content. It has been fixed.
  • The problem with accented and international characters on the PHP test page was solved.
  • A new Chinese (Taiwan) language file is available. Thanks to Nil.
  • A new Slovenian language file is available. Thanks to Pavel Rotar.
  • A new Catalan language file is available. Thanks to Jordi Cerdan.
  • A new Arabic language file is available. Thanks to Abdul-Aziz A. Al-Oraij.
  • Small corrections on the Norwegian language file.
  • A Java version for the test results (testsubmit.jsp) is now available. Thanks to Pritpal Dhaliwal.
  • When using Javascript to create a editor instance it's possible now to easily get the editor's value calling oFCKeditor.GetValue() (eg.). Better Javascript API interfaces will be available on version 2.0.
  • If XHTML is enabled the editor cleans the HTML before showing it on the Source View, so the exact result can be viewed by the user. This option can be activated setting config.EnableSourceXHTML = true in the fck_config.js file.
  • The JS integration object now escapes all configuration settings, in this way a user can use reserved chars on it. For example:
    oFCKeditor.Config["ImageBrowserURL"] = '/imgs/browse.asp?filter=abc*.jpg&userid=1';
  • A minimal browse server sample is now available in ASP. Thanks to Andreas Barnet.
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