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  • ATTENTION: For PHP users: The editor was changed and now uses htmlspecialchars instead of htmlentities when handling the initial value. It should works well, but please make some tests before upgrading definitively. If there is any problem just uncomment the line in the fckeditor.php file (and send me a message!).
  • The editor is now integrated with ieSpell ( for Spell Checking. You can configure the download URL in then fck_config.js file. Thanks to Sanjay Sharma. (ieSpell is free for personal use but must be paid for commercial use).
  • Table and table cell dialogs has been changed. Now you can select the class you want to be applied. Thanks to Alexander Lezos.
  • [SF Feature-865378]A new upload support is available for ASP. It uses the /UserImages/ folder in the root of the web site as the files container and a counter controlled by the upload.cnt file. Both must have write permissions set to the IUSR_xxx user. Thanks to Trax and Juanjo.
  • [SF Patch-798128] The user (programmer) can now define a custom separator for the list items of a combo in the toolbar. Thanks to Wulff D. Heiss.
  • [SF Feature-741963][SF Feature-878941][SF Patch-869389] A minimal support for a "fake" TAB is now available, even if HTML has no support for TAB. Now when the user presses the TAB key a configurable number of spaces ( ) is added. Take a look at config.TabSpaces on the fck_config.js file. No action is performed if it is set to zero. The default value is 4. Thanks to Phil Hassey.
  • [SF BUG-782779][SF BUG-790939] The problem with big images has been corrected. Thanks to Raver.
  • [SF BUG-862975] Now the editor does nothing if no image is selected in the image dialog box and the OK button is hit.
  • [SF BUG-851609] The problem with ASP and null values has been solved.
  • Norwegean language pack. Thanks to Martin Kronstad.
  • Hungarian language pack. Thanks to Balázs Szabó.
  • Bosnian language pack. Thanks to Trax.
  • Japanese language pack. Thanks to Kato Yuichiro.
  • Updates on the Polish language pack. Thanks to Norbert Neubauer.
  • The Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw) has been removed from the package because it's corrupt. I'm sorry. I hope someone could send me a good version soon.
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