• Language support for Danish, Polish, Simple Chinese, Slovak, Swedish and Turkish.
  • Language updates for Romanian.
  • It's now possible to override any of the editor's configurations (for now it's implemented just for JavaScript, ASPX and HTC modules). See _test/test.html for a sample. I'm now waiting for the Community for the ASP, CFM and PHP versions.
  • A new method is available for PHP users. It's called ReturnFCKeditor. It works exactly like CreateFCKeditor, but it returns a string with the HTML for the editor instead of output it (echo). This feature is useful for people who are working with Smarty Templates or something like that. Thanks to Timothy J. Finucane.
  • Many people have had problems with international characters over PHP. I had also the same problem. PHP have strange problems with character encoding. The code hasn't been changed but just saved again with Western European encoding. Now it works well in my system.
    Take a look also at the "default_charset" configuration option at the php.ini file. It doesn't seem to be an editor's problem but a PHP issue.
  • The "testsubmit.php" file now strips the "Magic Quotes " that are automatically added by PHP on form posts.
  • A new language integration module is available for ASP/Jscript. Thanks to Dimiter Naydenov.
  • New configuration options are available to customize the Target combo box in the Insert/Modify Link dialog box. Now you can hide it, or set which options are available in the combo box. Take a look at the fck_config.js file.
  • The Text as Plain Text toolbar icon has been changed to avoid confusion with the Normal Paste or. Thanks to Kaupo Kalda.
  • The file dhtmled.cab has been removed from the package. It's not needed to the editor to work and caused some confusion for a few users.
  • The editor's content now doesn't loose the focus when the user clicks with the mouse in a toolbar button.
  • On drag-and-drop operations the data to be inserted in the editor is now converted to plain text when the "ForcePasteAsPlainText" configuration is set to true.
  • The image browser sample in PHP now sorts the files by name. Thanks to Sergey Lupashko.
  • Two new configuration options are available to turn on/off by default the "Show Borders" and "Show Details" commands.
  • Some characters have been removed from the "Insert Special Chars" dialog box because they were causing encoding problems in some languages. Thanks to Abomb Hua.
  • JSP versions of the image and file upload and browsing features. Thanks to Simone Chiaretta.
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