# 1.1.0 (13.07.2022)

# Features

  • Users of commercial plans now have access to the REST API.

  • CKBox now displays a more verbose error when the token validation fails on the backend side.

  • Assets can now be quickly chosen by double-clicking on the asset thumbnail.

  • CKBox now supports keyboard shortcut mapping for deleting assets compatible with macOS. It’s possible to delete assets using Delete or + Backspace.

  • CKBox version is now available from the global CKBox object via CKBox.version.

  • Added JWT token lifespan calculation based on the exp field.

    If the exp field is present in the JWT token obtained from the tokenUrl, CKBox will refresh the token only if it’s about to expire.

  • CKBox now validates application configuration and fails fast if serviceOrigin is provided in a wrong format.

# Bug fixes

  • Fixed style cascading from the host application.

    The fixed style reset now prevents a situation when the host app may influence internal CKBox styling by unintentional CSS overrides.

  • Fixed limits in Personal plan.

    After exceeding the storage limit of the Personal plan, it is no longer possible to upload any new files. After exceeding the bandwidth limit, files will no longer be served from the CDN.

  • Fixed counting the bandwidth.

    The used service bandwidth was not counted properly and in some cases, it remained at 0.

  • Fixed initial dialog dimensions if they become invalid in the current viewport.

    Previously, CKBox didn’t check if the dialog became unusable due to viewport changes. This could lead to situations when the lastly saved display settings (size, position) of the CKBox dialog become invalid due to incompatibility with the current viewport e.g. dialog outside the visible viewport.

  • Fixed the default navigation when opening the CKBox.

    Previously when the CKBox was opened for the first time, the first category on top was the Recent category. Now CKBox is opened with the first user-defined category.

  • Fixed dialog header styling issue.

    Only the upload dialog uses a thicker header now.

  • Using icons instead of text in translation-sensitive UI parts.

    In order to make the upload dialog look better in languages where “Abort upload” translates to a long string, we now use icon instead of text.

  • Fixed missing default categories in 30-day trials.

    Website environments created for 30-day trials did not have the default categories (Files, Documents, Images) created at the start.

  • col-resize cursor is displayed all the time while resizing the navigation bar.

  • Fixed missing translation key warning for asset deletion dialog.