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# Communication with the CKEditor Cloud Services

CKEditor Cloud Services provides multiple ways of communication with the application it cooperates with. Cloud Services can communicate with both fronted and backend part of the application.

To communicate with the browser part, it most often utilizes the CKEditor 5 plugins, which only need to pass required configuration properties to work.

Diagram of communication between CKEditor Cloud Services and CKEditor 5 plugins.

Another type of communication is the server to server communication. The CKEditor Cloud Services provides a variety of REST APIs to communicate with. In many cases the event-based communication, through webhooks, can improve overall performance of the integration. The CKEditor Cloud Services provides many webhook events, which can be used to optimize the workflow of the application.

Diagram of a possible ways of communication with the CKEditor Cloud Services.

By using a combination of webhooks and REST APIs you can create a reliable and efficient integration with the CKEditor Collaboration Server. REST APIs allow to import, export and manage data stored on the CKEditor Collaboration Server. The Webhooks inform the integrated application about events that ocurr in the documents and editing sessions.