The CKEditor Collaboration Server REST API uses standard HTTP response codes.

# Error body

Each error has the following fields:

  • message – It contains a short error description.
  • status_code – It contains the response status.
  • trace_id – It is a unique request identifier.
  • data – It may contain various information and may have various structure depending on the endpoint.
  • explanation – It contains an explanation why the particular error ocurred.
  • action – In case some action can solve the problem it contains a description of what should be done.

# Example

The presented error is an example which can occur while importing comments to a given document, but comments were already imported.

  "message": "The target document already contains an import of the comments but it is based on a different snapshot.",
  "traceId": "e5abd738-db35-4372-b1de-cff9b48cc311",
  "statusCode": 409,
  "explanation": "A single target document cannot contain multiple imports of the same source.",
  "action": "Use a different target document ID.",
  "data": {
    "documentId": "doc-1",
    "importSnapshotAt": "2022-10-19T11:12:21.357Z"