guideEnvironments management

You need to create an environment first to work with CKEditor Cloud Services. Environments allow you to create access credentials, manage webhooks, configure features, and connect to CKEditor Cloud Services.

# Managing environments

In order to manage your environments, you should log in to the CKEditor Ecosystem customer dashboard for SaaS or to the Management Panel for On-Premises.

The “Your products” section in the sidebar lists your active product subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to manage and press the “Manage” link.

Your trials view.

# Creating a new environment

To create a new environment, click the “Create a new environment” button.

“Create a new environment” button.

A modal will show up asking for the name of the new environment. Provide the name and click the “Save” button.

Environment name prompt.

The newly created environment will show up on the list of environments.

Environments list.

# Removing an environment

From the list of environments select the one that you want to remove and click the “Remove” button in the “Actions” column.

Remove action button for the environment.

The modal will show up and will prompt for a confirmation of the environment deletion. Confirm by clicking the “Remove” button.

Environment removal prompt.