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The editor in this example was customized to offer a limited subset of editing features, provided mainly by the ckeditor5-basic-styles and ckeditor5-highlight packages. This kind of customization is possible with a custom editor build, perfectly tailored to the needs of the application.

Best time to visit the city is July and August, when it’s cool enough to not break a sweat and hot enough to enjoy summer. The city which has quite a combination of both old and modern textures is located by the river of Vistula.

The historic Old Town, which was reconstructed after the World War II, with its late 18th century characteristics, is a must-see. You can start your walk from the Nowy Świat Street which will take you straight to the Old Town.

Then you can go to the Powiśle area and take a walk on the newly renovated promenade on the riverfront. There are also lots of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can shake off the exhaustion of the day. On Sundays, there are many parks where you can enjoy nature or listen to pianists from around the world playing Chopin.