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guideFull-featured editor

CKEditor 5 is a highly flexible framework that lets you build your custom editor of any type (like classic, inline, distraction-free, document-like), with any set of features and toolbar type that you need in no time.

This custom editor build contains almost all non-collaborative CKEditor 5 features. You can use it to create your own content or to paste some existing content from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, text documents or any online resources.

This editor was configured specifically to allow testing as many features as possible in one demo, with a multiline toolbar that gives you easy access to all available features. It is based on classic editor, providing you with a boxed editing area with a toolbar, placed in a specific position on the page. Thanks to the autoformatting feature you can also use Markdown-like inline shortcodes as you type to create and format your content without using the toolbar buttons.

Check out the demo of a collaborative editor, too, to try out features such as comments, track changes and real-time collaboration.

By default, CKEditor 5 filters out any content that is unsupported by its plugins and configuration. Check out the General HTML Support (“GHS”) feature that allows you to enable HTML features that are not explicitly supported by any other dedicated CKEditor 5 plugins.