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The following article contains tips about the resources that you can refer to when you need some help with CKEditor.

# How Do I Get Support?

If you are having trouble installing, configuring, or integrating CKEditor to your application, there are a few solutions that you can try.

# Documentation

First of all, CKEditor comes with really extensive documentation that you should read and plenty of samples that you can try out and even download to copy and implement in your own environment.

# Stack Overflow

The “ckeditor” tag at Stack Overflow is the place where CKEditor developers and integrators can share their problems and solutions. CKEditor has grown as an Open Source product, thanks to the amazing community of developers and users. The ckeditor tag at Stack Overflow works in an Open Source way, too, so you are encouraged to not only ask questions, but also answer them and help fellow developers. It will be much appreciated!

# Professional Support Channel

There are times and situations, however, when you are unable to get going by yourself. If this is a case, you will be happy to know that CKEditor Premium includes professional assistance directly from CKEditor core developers. The dedicated support channel is available for you and responses to your inquiries come in one business day, or even in the same day. CKSource, the company behind CKEditor, also offers some Enterprise Solutions such as Assistance Package and Custom Development for more advanced needs!

# How Do I Support the Development of CKEditor?

CKEditor is and has always been an Open Source product. We are proud to be a part of the Open Source movement and are happy that we can offer the result of long hours of work and dedicated contribution completely for free to everyone who wants to use the editor.

If you also want to support the development of CKEditor, it will be most welcome. Here are a couple of things that you can do:

Thank you for your support and for helping us make CKEditor better every day!

# How Does CKEditor Premium Work?

For full details about it, visit the CKEditor Premium website. You can also contact us directly if you want to learn more about our Enterprise offer.