# Prerequisites

In order to run tests, the following software must be installed first:

From the CKEditor Ecosystem customer dashboard, download the software ZIP package that matches the downloaded Docker image. Unzip the package and go to the package root directory.

# Running tests

Verify if the application works correctly after the first run or an application update:

  1. Go to tests/.
  2. Run:
    pnpm install
  3. Run:
    APPLICATION_ENDPOINT=[your_app_endpoint] ENVIRONMENTS_MANAGEMENT_SECRET_KEY=[your_env_management_secret_key] CS_ENV_ID=[environmentId] CS_SECRET_KEY=[secretKey] npm run test
  4. If there are no errors after finishing the tests, the application is ready to use.


  • APPLICATION_ENDPOINT – An endpoint required to communicate with CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises.
  • ENVIRONMENTS_MANAGEMENT_SECRET_KEY– A variable set in the CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises configuration.
  • CS_ENV_ID and CS_SECRET_KEY – An environment (with all services added) and a secret key created via the Environments Management application. You can use existing data or create a new one dedicated for tests.
  • After tests you can delete the environment dedicated for tests created by you and the environments created by tests (with the e2e-test- prefix). This step is not required.
  • There is a possibility that some test will not pass. In this case, please run the tests again.
  • You can run the tests from the server where CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises is installed by setting APPLICATION_ENDPOINT=http://localhost[:application_http_port] or from a remote machine by setting APPLICATION_ENDPOINT=https://your.external.address.