guideRestful APIs feature

The Restful APIs feature is in the On-Premises version and it is possible to use this feature to build e.g. server-server integration.

Full documentation of this feature can be found here.

The Restful APIs feature has no smaller possibilities than in the SaaS version. However, there are several differences between the versions.

The first difference is the different address of the documentation. This is due to the fact that the On-Premises version is available to one organization. For this reason, there are no addresses dedicated to the organization. Therefore, the Restful APIs documentation is available at http://localhost[:application_http_port]/api/v1/docs/.

For this reason, there is also the second difference, i.e. the API Explorer looks different because you do not need to provide the organization Id (organization_id) for testing the API.

Server variables in CKEditor Cloud Services.

The last and quite important difference, which is also in other features is the way to manage the API Secret. This difference is due to the fact that the On-Premises version uses a different dashboard for configuration management than the SaaS version.

Instructions on how to get the API secret in the On-Premises version can be found in the API secret section.