guideEnvironments Management application

You can manage the environments in CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises using the Environments Management console application.

# Environments Management features

The Environments Management application can be used to:

  • Create, modify and delete environments.
  • Add a service to an existing environment or remove it.
  • Add a secret key to an existing environment or remove it.

# Prerequisites

In order to install the Environments Management console application, the following software must be installed first:

From the CKEditor Ecosystem customer dashboard, download the software ZIP package that matches the downloaded Docker image. Unzip the package and go to the package root directory.

# Running Environments Management

  1. Go to the environments-management directory.
  2. Run:
pnpm install


npm install
  1. Go to the environments-management/src directory.
  2. Run:
APPLICATION_ENDPOINT=[your_app_endpoint] ENVIRONMENTS_MANAGEMENT_SECRET_KEY=[your_env_management_secret_key] node app.js


  • APPLICATION_ENDPOINT – An endpoint required to communicate with CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises.
  • ENVIRONMENTS_MANAGEMENT_SECRET_KEY– A variable set in the CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises configuration.
  • You can run the Environments Management application from the server where CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises is installed by setting APPLICATION_ENDPOINT=http://localhost[:application_http_port] or from a remote machine by setting APPLICATION_ENDPOINT=https://your.external.address.

# Environments Management usage

You can manage the environments by choosing available options from the menu, using the Arrow and Enter keys from your keyboard.