# 1.5.1 (25.05.2023)

# Bug fixes

  • Fixed behavior of asset properties drawer in Recent category.
    In the previous version, when navigating between assets in Recent category with open properties drawer, some asset properties were not being updated properly.

# 1.5.0 (09.05.2023)

# Features

  • Introduced keyboard support for the Move and Copy operations.
    It is now possible to use well-known keyboard shortcuts to copy and move files between locations:
    • To copy files, use Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V (or Cmd+C - Cmd+V on Mac).
    • To move files, use Ctrl+X - Ctrl+V (or Cmd+X - Cmd+V on Mac).
  • Introduced the openLastView option.
    Added a configuration option that allows users to control whether the browser remembers the last opened folder and automatically reopens it after refreshing the page. This option is enabled by default so the last location is remembered.
  • Introduced the startupCategoryId and startupFolderId options.
    Added two new options, startupCategoryId and startupFolderId, allowing to control which location is opened immediately after CKBox starts. When used in combination with the openLastView option set to false, so that the last user location is not remembered, CKBox can now always start in the predefined location.
  • The properties panel now shows the ID of the folder or category.
    This allows admin users to conveniently check the ID of the folder or category, which is required by some CKBox configuration options passed through JavaScript.
  • Added a loader indicating the loading state in the conflict resolution dialog.
    When a file with the same name exists in the target directory, a dialog appears, allowing the user to choose an operation: override, skip, or change the name of the copied or moved file. This operation may not be instanteous, so a loader is displayed in the modal to provide visual feedback to the user about the ongoing operation.
  • Improved the consistency of paddings in the gallery component.
  • Updated third-party dependencies.
    Upgraded the versions of the third-party libraries to ensure the security and stability of all the dependencies used by CKBox.

# Bug fixes

  • File uploads no longer stop if the browser tab is moved to the background.
    In the previous versions of CKBox, if a user started uploading a large number of files and moved the browser tab to the background the upload process unexpectedly stopped until the tab was active again at which point it resumed. This issue has been resolved and the upload queue is now processed without any delays even if the tab remains in the background.
  • Fixed category allowed extensions validation after changes to admin settings.
    Previously, extensions validated at the frontend did not immediately recognize changes made in the administration panel. This sometimes caused file extensions to be falsely marked as disallowed during attempts to move or copy files.

# 1.4.0 (12.04.2023)

# Features

  • Introduced ability to copy and move assets.
    CKBox users can now copy and move assets between folders and asset categories. A new workflow improvement has been added for cases where a file with the same name already exists in the target location. Users will be prompted to choose between overriding, renaming, or skipping the file.
  • Added folder upload feature.
    CKBox now allows users to upload folders with subfolders and files directly using the dedicated Folder upload button or by dragging and dropping the folder into the CKBox workspace area. Empty folders will be ignored during the upload process.
  • Introduced a new icon set.
    CKBox has been updated with a new set of icons based on, or inspired by, the Material Icons set.
  • Introduced new modal dialogs.
    A consistent visual style has been implemented for modal dialogs throughout the application.
  • Introduced loading state for opened folders.
    Folders with expanding content now show a loader next to the folder name, indicating that the folder contents are loading, even on slower connections. A consistent skeleton loader has been added for folder content loading, providing a better user experience on slower connections.
  • Introduced transitions and animations of the user interface.
    New animations and transitions have been added to various parts of the user interface, improving its fluidity and visual feedback.
  • User interface improvements.
    • Popup menus will now close upon pressing the Esc key.
    • Default focus outlines have been removed.
    • Navigation buttons padding has been adjusted.
    • The look of icons in file view mode for non-image files has been changed.

# Bug fixes

  • Improved specificity of CKBox’s CSS rules.
    The fixed style reset ensures that the internal CKBox styling is not unintentionally overridden by the styles of the embedding application.
  • Fixed issue with saving asset metadata in preview mode.
    Previously, changes made to file metadata in preview mode were not saved if the properties panel had been opened in the main CKBox view. This issue has been resolved.

# 1.3.2 (21.02.2023)

# Bug fixes

  • Changed breakpoint for fixed components.
    Breakpoint for fixed components was adjusted to use a boundary value of 900px. That will allow some components to use overlay mode on lower CKBox window widths. That should improve the overall UX.

# 1.3.1 (15.02.2023)

# Bug fixes

  • Fixed notifications on missing resources.
    The notification system was improved to stop spawning notifications on a missing resource (category or folder). The notification did not provide any valuable information and only distracted the user.

# 1.3.0 (06.02.2023)

# Features

  • Introduced folders feature.
    It is now possible to organize assets into folders under each of the asset categories. All the existing user assets remained in the top-level categories.
  • Introduced new default light theme.
    Light is the new default theme of CKBox. The previous theme is still available under the name navy.
  • Improvements in search.
    Clicking on the recent search entry now immediately applies the search. Keyboard support in the search form has been improved too, so it is now possible to submit the search form using Enter.
  • Added file properties drawer in the asset preview mode.
    File properties in the preview mode are currently displayed the same way as in the assets view, using the collapsible drawer on the right side of the screen.
  • Improvements to the properties drawer.
    Properties drawer can now be closed using the Esc key. Additionally, the asset preview inside the drawer now respects the Keep aspect ratio option set in the Display options menu.
  • The user can now easily access the location of the asset from the search result view. Asset properties now display the location of the file as an active link directing to the folder or category to which the asset belongs.
  • Added keyboard navigation support in the categories and folder tree.
  • The asset preview mode can now be closed by clicking on the overlay.
  • Added a default border around CKBox element.
    When CKBox in the inline mode is embedded on a web page, it has a default border to make to component boundaries visible.

# Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused the asset disappear from the search results after its properties have been edited.
  • Fixed focus issues in modals.
    In some cases, after closing the modal, focus has been not returned properly to the required element. Now focus is properly returned to the element that invoked the action that displayed the modal.

# 1.2.1 (28.11.2022)

# Features

  • Introduced keyboard support for the Search feature.
    It is now possible to open the search window using standard keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+F or Cmd+F.
  • Search results are now remembered between web page reloads until intentionally closed by the user.
  • Introduced sorting of the assets in the search results view.

# Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicated upload file requests.
    In some circumstances, CKBox sent double HTTP requests with uploaded files. Usually, these unnecessary requests were canceled, but sometimes it resulted in files being uploaded twice into CKBox.
  • Upload progress is no longer visible if the image resolution exceeds the limits.
    The progress bar of the image was unnecessarily visible if the image resolution exceeded the allowed limits.
  • Fixed stacking of the file preview.
    In some cases, file preview might have been overlapped by elements on the host application. CSS rules of the file preview container have been changed to minimize this possibility.
  • Fixed duplicated entries on the list of recent searches.
  • Removed misleading placeholder in the Tags field in the advanced search mode.
    The placeholder displayed in the tag input component is no longer visible if there are any elements present in the input.
  • Fixed issue with saving file properties when all tags were removed.
    In case the file had any tags defined, it was impossible to remove all the tags and save the file properties. This action resulted in an unexpected server error.
  • The Save button in file properties section is no longer active if there are no changes to save.
  • Improved formatting of the tooltip displaying the details of search entries on the list of recent searches.
  • Fixed styling of the slider in the images configuration inside the administration panel.
  • Introduced ellipsis for long search queries that did not fit in the list element on the list of recent searches.
  • Introduced ellipsis for long category names that did not fit inside the container on the list of categories in the administration panel.

# 1.2.0 (16.11.2022)

# Features

  • Introduced the Search feature.
    CKBox will now allow searching the assets by phrase, and / or by custom filters such as: tags, categories, extensions, upload date and last modification date
  • Introduced the assets tagging feature.
    Assets can now be tagged for a better user-personalization. Tags can be used for searching the assets by tag name.
  • Introduced the assets preview feature.
    CKBox introduces the full-screen preview of the asset image. This will allow for inspecting the asset in more detail.
  • Introduced the drawer component.
    The drawer component will now display asset properties in a more contextual form. The drawer will expand from the right side of the interface giving the user quick insight into the asset’s metadata.
  • Introduced the checkbox assets selection mechanism.
    The assets can now be selected using a checkbox button on the asset tile.
  • Added plan limits validation before uploading the file.
    CKBox now validates the plan limits applied to a given subscription to prevent uploading too large files. The upload doesn’t start if the file exceeds the size, or megapixels limit. The user is notified with the right context message.
  • Added the loading state to the button component.
    The button component now has a new loading state. That is used in various interface places to give the best visual feedback for async actions.
  • Added the upload dialog animation on minimize / maximize.
    The upload dialog is now animated while minimizing or maximizing.
  • Improved the accessibility of dialogs.
  • Introduced active state to the buttons.
    Buttons can now hold an active state that allows creating a toggle button.
  • Introduced the “Powered by CKBox” credit link.
    The free plan subscription will now have a “Powered by CKBox” credit link visible at the bottom of the navigation panel. That is only a thing of the personal plan, and neither the Starter, Premium, or Pro plans have this link.

# Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs related to file selection.
    Asset checkboxes now use different stacking contexts to prevent issues and conflicts with the mouse and keyboard selection.
  • Introduced minor fixes for navigation panel.
    Some layout fixes regarding the navigation panel have been introduced. Those include preventing the resized handle from slipping and adjusting the styling.
  • Fixed the behaviour of the toolbar.
    These fixes include adjusting the padding of the action items, disabling label wrapping for buttons, and fixing the behavior of the elements during navigation bar resize.
  • Fixed minor issues in the upload dialog.
    Previous upload dialog size could cause problems in different language versions. The dimensions of the upload dialog are now larger, and the overall UX of that component has been improved.
  • Fixed issue related to thumbnails alignement.
  • Improved asset selection mechanism using mouse area selection, and keyboard selection.
    The mouse and keyboard events handling has been improved and integrated with the new checkbox selection feature.
  • Fixed stacking context of resize handles.
  • Fixed rendering issues in React SSR sample.
    The React SSR (Next.js) integration sample now uses different Webpack configuration to prevent the splitting of @ckbox packages into separate cache groups.
  • Fixed broken links in end-user docs.

# 1.1.0 (13.07.2022)

# Features

  • Users of commercial plans now have access to the REST API.

  • CKBox now displays a more verbose error when the token validation fails on the backend side.

  • Assets can now be quickly chosen by double-clicking on the asset thumbnail.

  • CKBox now supports keyboard shortcut mapping for deleting assets compatible with macOS. It’s possible to delete assets using Delete or + Backspace.

  • CKBox version is now available from the global CKBox object via CKBox.version.

  • Added JWT token lifespan calculation based on the exp field.

    If the exp field is present in the JWT token obtained from the tokenUrl, CKBox will refresh the token only if it’s about to expire.

  • CKBox now validates application configuration and fails fast if serviceOrigin is provided in a wrong format.

# Bug fixes

  • Fixed style cascading from the host application.

    The fixed style reset now prevents a situation when the host app may influence internal CKBox styling by unintentional CSS overrides.

  • Fixed limits in Personal plan.

    After exceeding the storage limit of the Personal plan, it is no longer possible to upload any new files. After exceeding the bandwidth limit, files will no longer be served from the CDN.

  • Fixed counting the bandwidth.

    The used service bandwidth was not counted properly and in some cases, it remained at 0.

  • Fixed initial dialog dimensions if they become invalid in the current viewport.

    Previously, CKBox didn’t check if the dialog became unusable due to viewport changes. This could lead to situations when the lastly saved display settings (size, position) of the CKBox dialog become invalid due to incompatibility with the current viewport e.g. dialog outside the visible viewport.

  • Fixed the default navigation when opening the CKBox.

    Previously when the CKBox was opened for the first time, the first category on top was the Recent category. Now CKBox is opened with the first user-defined category.

  • Fixed dialog header styling issue.

    Only the upload dialog uses a thicker header now.

  • Using icons instead of text in translation-sensitive UI parts.

    In order to make the upload dialog look better in languages where “Abort upload” translates to a long string, we now use icon instead of text.

  • Fixed missing default categories in 30-day trials.

    Website environments created for 30-day trials did not have the default categories (Files, Documents, Images) created at the start.

  • col-resize cursor is displayed all the time while resizing the navigation bar.

  • Fixed missing translation key warning for asset deletion dialog.