guideCKBox documentation – overview

Welcome to the CKBox Documentation. CKBox is a management platform service with a backend-agnostic architecture, availability for both cloud and on-premises, as well as support for over 40 languages, CKBox is compatible with all setups and software platforms. It takes care of file uploads and reduces the effort required on your part to build a complete modern editing solution with support for responsive, optimized images.

With CKBox, you can effortlessly:

  • Organize your assets into customizable categories and tags.
  • Create, rename, and delete folders.
  • Search files and filter results by numerous file properties.
  • Easily access recently used files.
  • View your images in a high-resolution full-page preview.
  • Define alternative text for images and reuse it forever.

To find out more about CKBox, the brand-new file manager, visit the CKBox website.

This site will provide you with all the necessary information about:

  • Getting started with CKBox – Setting up your copy of CKBox, configuring it, and integrating it with CKEditor 5 and popular frameworks.
  • CKBox features – Using and administrating CKBox file manager on a daily basis.
  • Examples – Various live implementations and customizations examples of CKBox.
  • Support – Getting support and troubleshooting.

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