guideCKEditor integration

The code snippet below presents the integration of CKBox with a full-featured version of CKEditor using the CKEditor’s super build. This is a special type of the CKEditor build, which includes all the available plugins and features. Because of this, when using the super build, you will have to disable the CKEditor features which you do not want to use.

The sample below presents the result of the integration with the super build of CKEditor. Try pasting images from the clipboard directly into the editing area as well as dropping images — the files will be saved on the fly by CKBox.

You can use the toolbar button to open a CKBox window. Then you can manage your files or choose an asset that should be added to the edited content. The image embedded in the editor this way will produce a highly optimized <picture> tag. If the image has the description set in its properties in CKBox, the description will be automatically used as an alt attribute of the image embedded in the editor.

Below, you can find the code of the CKBox integration with the CKEditor super build presented above.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
            #container {
                width: 1000px;
                margin: 20px auto;
            .ck-editor__editable[role="textbox"] {
                /* editing area */
                min-height: 200px;
            .ck-content .image {
                /* block images */
                max-width: 80%;
                margin: 20px auto;
        <div id="container">
            <div id="editor">
        <script src=""></script>
            The "super-build" of CKEditor 5 served via CDN contains a large set of plugins and multiple editor types.
        <script src=""></script>
            // This sample still does not showcase all CKEditor 5 features (!)
            // Visit to browse all the features.
            CKEDITOR.ClassicEditor.create(document.getElementById("editor"), {
                toolbar: {
                    items: [
                        'ckbox', 'uploadImage', '|',
                        'exportPDF','exportWord', '|',
                        'findAndReplace', 'selectAll', '|',
                        'heading', '|',
                        'bold', 'italic', 'strikethrough', 'underline', 'code', 'subscript', 'superscript', 'removeFormat', '|',
                        'bulletedList', 'numberedList', 'todoList', '|',
                        'outdent', 'indent', '|',
                        'undo', 'redo',
                        'fontSize', 'fontFamily', 'fontColor', 'fontBackgroundColor', 'highlight', '|',
                        'alignment', '|',
                        'link', 'blockQuote', 'insertTable', 'mediaEmbed', 'codeBlock', 'htmlEmbed', '|',
                        'specialCharacters', 'horizontalLine', 'pageBreak', '|',
                        'textPartLanguage', '|',
                    shouldNotGroupWhenFull: true
                list: {
                    properties: {
                        styles: true,
                        startIndex: true,
                        reversed: true
                heading: {
                    options: [
                        { model: 'paragraph', title: 'Paragraph', class: 'ck-heading_paragraph' },
                        { model: 'heading1', view: 'h1', title: 'Heading 1', class: 'ck-heading_heading1' },
                        { model: 'heading2', view: 'h2', title: 'Heading 2', class: 'ck-heading_heading2' },
                        { model: 'heading3', view: 'h3', title: 'Heading 3', class: 'ck-heading_heading3' },
                        { model: 'heading4', view: 'h4', title: 'Heading 4', class: 'ck-heading_heading4' },
                        { model: 'heading5', view: 'h5', title: 'Heading 5', class: 'ck-heading_heading5' },
                        { model: 'heading6', view: 'h6', title: 'Heading 6', class: 'ck-heading_heading6' }
                placeholder: 'Welcome to CKEditor 5 + CKBox!',
                ckbox: {
                    // You need to provide your own token endpoint here
                    // Sign up to CKBox to get one:
                    tokenUrl: 'https://your.token.url'
                // The "super-build" contains more premium features that require additional configuration, disable them below.
                // Do not turn them on unless you reqd the documentation and know how to configure them and setup the editor.
                removePlugins: [
                    // These two are commercial, but you can try them out without registering to a trial.
                    // 'ExportPdf',
                    // 'ExportWord',
                    // Careful, with the Mathtype plugin CKEditor will not load when loading this sample
                    // from a local file system (file://) - load this site via HTTP server if you enable MathType

To read more about the options available when integrating CKEditor and CKBox, please refer to the CKEditor integration guide.