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guideTo-do lists

The to-do list feature lets you create a list of interactive checkboxes with labels. It supports all features of bulleted and numbered lists, so you can nest a to-do list together with any combination of other lists.

# Demo

Use the to-do list toolbar button To-do list to add a list to the editor content. Thanks to the integration with the autoformatting feature, you can also start a line with [ ] or [x] followed by a space to insert an unchecked or checked list item.


Waffles with raspberries and whipped cream.



Prep Cook Ready In
5 m 15 m 20 m

Preheat the waffle iron. Beat eggs in a large bowl with a hand beater until fluffy. Beat in flour, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, baking powder, salt, and vanilla, just until smooth.

Spray the preheated waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray. Pour the mix onto the hot waffle iron. Cook until golden brown. Serve hot.

Source: allrecipes

This demo presents a limited set of features. Visit the feature-rich editor example to see more in action.

# Keyboard support

You can check and clear a list item by using the Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Enter on Mac) shortcut when the selection is in that item.

# Installation

The TodoList plugin provides the to-do list feature for CKEditor 5.

The to-do list feature is enabled by default in the superbuild only.

To add this feature to your editor, install the @ckeditor/ckeditor5-list package:

npm install --save @ckeditor/ckeditor5-list

Then add the TodoList plugin to your plugin list and the toolbar configuration:

import { TodoList } from '@ckeditor/ckeditor5-list';

    .create( document.querySelector( '#editor' ), {
        plugins: [ TodoList, /* ... */ ],
        toolbar: [ 'todoList', /* ... */ ],
    } )
    .then( /* ... */ )
    .catch( /* ... */ );

Read more about installing plugins.

These CKEditor 5 features provide similar functionality:

  • Ordered and unordered lists – Create ordered and unordered lists with configurable markers.
  • Multi-level lists – Multi-level lists allow the user to set different markers (symbols, text or numbers) to display at each level of the list.
  • Autoformatting – Format the text on the go with Markdown code.

# Common API

The TodoList plugin registers:

# Contribute

The source code of the feature is available on GitHub at