Youtube Plugin

This plugin allows inserting Youtube videos using embed code or just the video URL.


Follow these steps:

  1. Extract the downloaded file into the CKEditor’s plugins folder.
  2. Enable the plugin by changing or adding the extraPlugins line in your configuration (config.js):
config.extraPlugins = 'youtube';

3. Add the icon to the toolbar:

config.toolbar = [{ name: 'insert', items: ['Image', 'Youtube']}];

You can also change the default plugin options on config.js:

Video width:

config.youtube_width = '640';

Video height:

config.youtube_height = '480';

Show related videos:

config.youtube_related = true;

Use old embed code:

config.youtube_older = false;

Enable privacy-enhanced mode:

config.youtube_privacy = false;



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Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.6 4.5 4.4

Version: 2.0.9

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 - CS Translation. Thanks to Lukáš Říha.

Version: 2.0.4

Download Release notes

- Added Finnish translation. Thanks to Jami Pietilä.

Version: 1.0.10

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- Fixed encoding

Version: 1.0.7

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Added German translation. Thanks to Sven Jansen.

Version: 1.0

Download Release notes

- New Japanese locale. Thanks to nyayoshi
- Removed obsolete option for HTTPS
- Added option to inform the video's start time