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    The recommended way to install all CKEditor add-ons is to create a custom build by using CKBuilder. To do that, click the Add to my editor button on the plugin page. When you are done, click the Build my editor button on the right side of the page to go to CKBuilder.

    Add-on Installation Instructions

    If you want to add the plugin manually, you will need to:

    1. Extract the downloaded plugin .zip into the plugins folder of your CKEditor installation. Example:
    2. Enable the plugin by using the extraPlugins configuration setting. Example:
      config.extraPlugins = 'templates';
    3. Download and configure all its dependencies, too.

    Add-on Dependencies

Content Templates

This plugin provides a dialog to offer predefined content templates - with page layout, text formatting and styles.

It comes with a couple of sample templates inside of the plugin directory, while user may load instead their own favorite templates.


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.5 4.4 4.3 4.2 4.1 4.0

Version: 4.5.11 - Download

Show notes

Another bug fixing release for the 4.5 series.

compatibleunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibility

Version: 4.4.8 - Download

Show notes

Another bug-fixing release for the 4.4 series.

unknown compatibilitycompatibleunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibility

Version: 4.3.5 - Download

Show notes

Another bug fixing release for the 4.3 series

unknown compatibilityunknown compatibilitycompatibleunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibility

Version: 4.2.3 - Download

Show notes

Another bug fixing release for the 4.2 series

unknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilitycompatibleunknown compatibilityunknown compatibility

Version: 4.1.3 - Download

Show notes

The next bug fixing release for CKEditor 4.1.x series

unknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilitycompatibleunknown compatibility

Version: 4.0.3 - Download

Show notes

Another bug fixing release for the 4.0 series

unknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilityunknown compatibilitycompatible
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  1. Hi

    I tried now several hours to get the templates running in CKEditor 4.1, but I just seem to miss something. The button in the toolbar just doesn't show up. I tried all combinations of adding "templates" in config.toolbarGroups. When I use CKBuilder it doesn't seem to adjust anything in the config.js file. How do I get the Button to select the templates in the toolbar?

    Also, I have dynamically generated templates, so I added them by callingCKEDITOR.addTemplates(), which doesn't seem to exist anymore. How can I do this now? I saw there is an addTemplate method, but that seems to be something different from the core ckeditor..?

    Any help really appreciated.

    • Using the option "config.toolbar" in config.js also doesn't work, I think there's something broken?

      • Through CKBuilder I selected Standard package, added Content Templates from the Available Plugins list, then downloaded the package. Templates appeared in the far-right corner of the top toolbar row. Configuring the toolbar changed a bit. Here's the new guide

        • My Answer to your comment is not accepted, I always encounter an error on the website

  2. Hi, I want add templates as manuel. 

    How can i do it ?

  3. Marco_desperate's picture




    Can someone PLEASE tell me how do I make this plugin work! PLEASEEEEEEE!!!

    I will be honest, I am absulutely clueless to this CKEditor thing and Javascript is a huge weak point for me.

    How would you explain how to install and enable this plugin to a 5 year old PLEASE!

      • Marco_desperate's picture


        Wojtek thank you for your reply. I have tried, I have spent not hours but days and I still don't understand a thing how to do it...
  4. Andy Wallace's picture

    Andy Wallace


    Ok, using ckeditor so as far as I can tell, I have this installed correctly, but when I open up a page with an editor, I get the javascript error:  

    Uncaught TypeError: CKEDITOR.addTemplates is not a function

    I have included the templates plugin in my download, the folders exist:


        ckeditor/templates/dialogs, ckeditor/templates/icons, ckeditor/templates/lang, etc

    and the files are there, as far as I can tell.

    In my config file, I have:

        config.extraPlugins = "templates";

    But in my gui.js, where I am trying to load up my templates, the call:

        CKEDITOR.addTemplates( 'elite', ...);

    results in the javascript error. Any thoughts?

  5. MathieuC's picture



    Hello, thanks a lot for this addon, it's awesome.

    I try add a template with an img tag like :

        title: 'Test',
        image: 'block/test1.jpg',
        description: 'TEST1 desc',
        html: '<img src="/block/test1.jpg" />'

    The html code is added into the ckeditor content area but the img is not display, if I click on the 'source' button, the code is well displayed, if I click a second time on the 'source' button, the img is displayed.

    Is there an event who is not triggered to refresh the html data ?

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