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guideSystem requirements

# Web server

CKFinder for Java requires Java 8 and is compatible up to Java 11 (included).

You can use CKFinder for Java in any Servlet 3.0+ compatible container.

The requirement of JDK or JRE is dependent on the particular application server itself. Some servers like Apache Tomcat require JRE and others like GlassFish or JBoss require JDK. While JRE is the minimum requirement that will work with some servers, JDK is the recommended requirement which will work with all the servers.

# Browsers

# Desktop browsers

CKFinder runs in every modern desktop browser:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari
  • Opera

Support for older browsers:

  • The last version of CKFinder with support for IE6-IE8 was CKFinder 2.x.

# Mobile browsers

CKFinder is also compatible with mobile browsers. The application is tested on:

  • Google Chrome on Android
  • Safari on iOS

As CKFinder is using jQuery Mobile as a dependency, the set of currently supported mobile browses is wider (see jQuery Mobile GBS for the list of browsers supported by jQuery Mobile). However, please note that the application is only tested in the environments listed above.

# Important note

Some features depend on your browser settings. CKFinder should work in any of the browsers listed above with their default settings enabled. If you are experiencing problems with the context menu, make sure that your browser is configured to “Allow scripts to replace context menus” (“Allow scripts to receive right clicks”). If your CKFinder settings are not being saved, make sure that you have “Cookies support enabled”.