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# CKEditor 4 Open Source Licenses

CKEditor 4 is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL Open Source licenses. This triple copyleft licensing model is flexible and allows you to choose the license that is best suited for your needs.

# Why Choose CKEditor Open Source?

Because CKEditor 4 has an active community that openly develops and shares add-ons, which you are welcome to take part in. Open Source applications are totally free! They do not include adware or limited trial periods, and can be used in commercial projects.

If you are wondering whether you can use CKEditor 4 under an Open Source license in your project, check the appropriate FAQ section.

# Commercial License

CKEditor 4 Premium is a commercial option that brings additional licensing benefits. It is designed with professionals and enterprises in mind. Apart from a closed-source license it also offers support from the core CKEditor development team.

For more information, check the CKEditor Premium website.